Start your Puppy off on the Right Paw!

Positive experiences during the critical period of socialization

Socialization is more than just introducing puppies to other dogs. A puppy needs to have exposure to everything else in the world too: cars, bikes, other people, children, men with hats, people carrying bags, pushing carts, household sounds, different flooring textures, etc. The list can go on and on. The critical period of socialization for puppies ends at about 3.5 months of age. This is a precious time where you can shape the puppy’s view of his world. This is the stage in the puppy’s life when he is most receptive to learning.

We will work on a wide variety of things with your puppy including basic manners, exposure to other people, dogs, surfaces, and sounds, safe playtime, crate training and potty training. Positive experiences help them learn that new things are fun and help them build confidence in coping with new situations. This program will give your puppy the positive experiences that are pivotal in creating that healthy and happy member of your family.

This is a 4 week program where your puppy will attend this specialized daycare program 2 days per week (Monday to Friday available). Your puppy must be between 8-14 weeks old at the start date of the package. Puppies must have at least their first set of vaccinations to attend.

Arrivals: 7:30-10am  Departures: 3-6pm

Total Cost: $299 + HST

Benefits of the program

  • Safe energy outlet during the critical period of socialization
  • Providing fun and engaging environment to help socialize puppy and build confidence
  • Partnering with the pet parent to provide recommendations based on the puppy’s unique temperament
  • Providing follow up resources specifically geared toward your puppy to continue to help them grow into a happy, confident adult dog

What to bring

  • Puppy on a 5-6 foot leash attached to a flat collar, head collar or front clip harness
  • Dog treats cut up in bite size pieces (semi-moist treats are ideal!)
  • Their lunch meal in a sealed, labeled bag or container 
  • A blanket or towel
  • 1-2 chew toys to have during rest times

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to socialize young puppies?

Research shows that starting to socialize your puppy at 8 weeks helps them to develop better social skills and confidence, rather than waiting until they are 4 months or older to start socializing and training. Socializing is great for puppies and also is a preventative step against behavioural problems as they grow up such as fear, and anxiety.

Starting to train and reinforce good behaviours in your puppy while they’re young, means that cute tolerable puppy behaviours (like mouthing) won’t become an unbearable problem as they grow up. Training puppies from a young age helps create consistency for them and results in consistent behaviours at home. Avoiding frustrations with your dog’s behaviours helps your bond so you can enjoy your relationship, rather than feeling frustrated by your dog’s behaviours.

Vaccination Requirements

Puppies must have at least their first set of vaccinations a minimum of 7 days prior to their first day of Puppy School, and must be kept up to date during their time at Canadian Canine College.​

While it used to be recommended that puppies not be socialized until after their third set of puppy vaccines at 16 weeks, research now shows us that waiting this long can be at the detriment of their social skills, and the risk of diseases is quite low if they have received their first or second set of vaccinations.

Why are naps important?

Young puppies require an average of 15-20 hours a day of sleep and need to take breaks in order to prevent them from becoming over aroused and overstimulated (think of toddlers with no naps… yikes!) For this reason, we give puppies naps in crates every 1-2 hours. It creates a den for your puppy to make their own and assists you with your crate training at home! Fitted with with comfy blankets, beds, and a treat, your puppy will love this time to rest in between play sessions!

Does my puppy have access to water?

Your puppy will have access to fresh, cold water at all times during the day.