🌞🐾 We’re thrilled to announce CCC’s Summer Bucket List Contest! 🌞🐾 This summer, embark on fun adventures with your furry friends and have a chance to win a dog-friendly paddleboard! This year’s bucket list is all about fun, adventure, and picking up a few new skills along the way! We can’t wait to see all the amazing moments you create!
How to Join:
1️⃣ Check out our CCC Summer Bucket List for a variety of fun activities and to read the rules. (on FB, IG and here!)
2️⃣ Capture the moments as you and your pup complete each activity.
3️⃣ Share your photos on Facebook or Instagram!
Each activity completed counts as an entry, so the more you complete, the higher your chances of winning!
Contest ends September 3, 2024. Open to all dog lovers across Canada. Let’s make this summer unforgettable! 🐶
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