The critical socialization period for puppies ends at about 15 weeks of age. These few weeks are when puppies are the most receptive to learning, making it a precious time to shape their view of the world. Positive experiences during this time help puppies learn that new things are fun and help them build confidence in coping with new situations. Canadian Canine College’s Puppy Daycare Program is a unique and tailored program designed to provide structured socialization opportunities for your puppy 8-14 weeks old.

CCC’s Puppy Daycare Program Details:
  • Duration: Four (4) weeks
  • Schedule: Your puppy will attend our specialized daycare program two (2) days per week (Monday to Friday).
  • Age Requirement: Puppies must be between 8-14 weeks old on the first day of the program.
  • Vaccination: Puppies must have at least their first set of vaccinations to attend.
Goals of CCC’s Puppy Daycare Program:
  • Life Skills: Lay the foundation for essential skills such as learning their name, sit, down, coming when called, sitting at thresholds, and crate training.
  • Body Handling: Teach puppies to be comfortable with being touched on various body parts like feet, teeth, eye-lids, ears, tail, etc.
  • Dog Introductions: Introduce puppies to carefully selected, gentle, mature dogs
  • Surfaces and Obstacles: Provide puppies experiences with various obstacles, like walking over ladders, ramps, tarps, going over or under chairs, tables, tunnels, and more.
  • Exposure: Introduce puppies to people and unusual sounds, such as: people walking with grocery bags and purses, thunderstorm soundtracks, moving objects (bikes, skateboards, motorized toys), etc.
What to Bring:
  • 5-6 foot leash attached to a flat collar, head collar (Gentle Leader), or front clip harness.
  • Dog treats cut into bite-size pieces (semi-moist treats are ideal).
  • Lunch meal in a sealed, labeled bag or container.
  • 1-2 chew toys to have during rest times.
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