The start date is Sunday April 28th at 2pm. Prerequisite: Sports Gateway (or 2024 Sports Sampler Grads). Please contact the office if you are interested but have not taken Sports Gateway.

Agility, a sport emphasizing dog-handler teamwork, is all about fun, safety, and success! This class will introduce you and your dog to the agility equipment, working to build confidence on all of the obstacles. Proper jump technique and body awareness for safety will also be emphasized. Sports Gateway is the prerequisite for this course.

This is a four (4) week class, but there is no class May 12th for Mother’s Day, or May 19th for the May 24 long weekend. Classes are 50 minutes in duration.

All cancellations and refunds are subject to a $35 administration fee. Cancellations with less than two weeks’ notice prior to the start date will not be refunded, so please plan carefully. As this is a specialized class no make-up classes are available. We appreciate your cooperation to help keep our classes small and effective for you.

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