Hello, and Welcome to CCC! We are honoured that you are considering training with us.

If you do not see any active classes, there’s no need to fret; we have basic obedience classes starting every month, so sit tight. We announce on social media as soon as new classes are published on the website — so make sure you follow us. Alternatively, if you prefer a text notification of when classes are published, you can send us the word NOTIFY in the website chat widget (the blue circle on the bottom right corner of the screen), and we will let you know when new classes are up on the website.

FAQ: Why are LSII and LSIII password protected?

We have recently streamed the progression of the programs after Life Skills I into 2 different pathways. We are developing an Instructor recommendation system so that students are placed in the most appropriate class moving forward. We now have two options, Life Skills Accelerator and Life Skills II. Our recommendation will include a password to the class listing on the website. If you have not received a recommendation, please reach out to the office and we will discuss which class is best for you.

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