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  • Agility (start date Wed July 24th @6pm)

    Wednesday July 24th at 6pm for 6 weeks.

    Learn the exciting sport of Agility, fun for both dog and handler. This program begins by introducing you and your dog to each piece of Agility equipment, then learning how to run sequences with multiple pieces of equipment. This program is suitable for dogs who have attended our Life Skills I class.

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  • Life Skills II (start date Wed July 24 at 7:15pm)

    Wednesday July 24th at 7:15pm for 6 weeks.  Life Skills I is a pre-requisite

    This is a 6 week program. This program builds on the skills set learned in Life Skills I. Stay is introduced, as well as working through distractions and off lead control. This program is the pre-requisite for Life Skills III.

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  • Recall Class at 6pm (Thurs Aug 22nd)

    Thursday August 22nd 6pm for 6 weeks. Life Skills I is a pre-requisite for this class.

    This program works on building a reliable recall so that your dog learns to come every time you call, regardless of distractions present in the environment. The first two weeks will be at our Waterford Campus followed by four weeks of field trips to strengthen the dogs’ recall skills.

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