Private Consultations

In-Person Consultations

In-Person Consultations are perfect for dogs who require special attention to blossom into the dogs they could be. Private lessons are offered on site at our training facility in Vanessa or can be arranged in your own home. An additional mileage fee does apply if outside of the Vanessa area.

During the consultation the instructor will gather history and ask you specific questions about the behaviour(s) you are interested in improving.  At that time, you and the instructor will construct a management and training plan for your dog moving forward. That plan will give you approximately 1 months worth of training homework to implement.  Follow up consultations can be booked on an as needed basis, should they be required at all. For the vast majority of our clients, one private consultation is all that is required to achieve your top training and behaviour goals.

Phone or Video Consultations

A Phone or Video Consultations are designed to discuss and create solutions to training issues. Speak with a trainer over the phone or video conference for advice on day to day training concerns including: puppy raising, house training, coming when called, jumping up, counter surfing and many other behaviours that may be popping up at home.

Phone and Video Consultations are not appropriate for dogs displaying aggression towards people or other dogs.


Booking a consultation is done through our scheduling software below. When you are ready to book, please select the day and time that works for you, fill out the intake survey, and then finalize the booking by clicking the Schedule Event button. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment shortly after booking.