Welcome to The Groom Room at Canadian Canine College

Our caring team creates a relaxing environment for your dog in our modern spa facilities, which are designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests. For example, we realize that many dogs may get nervous around loud noises; that’s why we offer a variety of drying methods, such as crate hair dryers or handheld options. Our dog spa is fully stocked with hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and products designed specifically to be safe and gentle on a dog’s skin and coat.

Bath & Blow-dry:

Hydro-surge deep clean bath, high velocity hand dry to remove dead coat, trim around feet and sanitary areas, nail trim/grind, ear cleaning, conditioning spray

Deshedding Groom:

Double Hydro-surge deep clean bath with deshedding shampoo and conditioner, equigroom furminator brush out to finish coat and remove undercoat

A Full Groom:

Hydro-surge deep clean bath, high velocity hand dry to remove dead coat, brush out, mat removal, full hair cut/clip to meet individual dogs needs and owners requests, trim around face, feet and sanitary areas, nail trim/grind, ear cleaning and plucking if required, teeth brushing, conditioning spray

***All pricing is dependent on size, coat type, condition, and behaviour. Dematting is additional. Tax is not included in price.***

Grooming Packages

Bath, Nails, Ears

Deshedding Groom

Full Groom

Puppy Bath & Trim

Nail Trims


Tuesday – Friday

9am – 4pm

Booking an Appointment

Click the red button in the right corner of the website to send us a messages to let us know that you want an grooming appointment! Please include dog breed and age when you reach out.

Check Out Liesje “Leesha” – The Groomist on Instagram for more grooming photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Grooming time depends on the size and breed of the dog, as well as the services requested. When you arrive for your appointment, we will do our best to give you an approximate pick-up time. Generally speaking, you should expect to leave your dog with us between 2 to 4 hours.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Generally, you should groom your pet every 6-8 weeks. Nails should be trimmed every 4-8 weeks on average.

Can I wait for my dog?

Most dogs become excited when they see their owners and might become stressed or anxious if they can’t immediately go to them. To avoid extra excitement or stress for the dog, we recommend you do not stay while your dog is being groomed or bathed.

Please Note:

Dogs with extremely matted hair, very thick coats or temperamental personalities may be subject to supplementary charges if additional time and extra care is required. If we determine your dog’s coat is too severely matted, we will suggest it be clipped instead to avoid undue pain or discomfort to the dog.