Welcome to The Groom Room at Canadian Canine College

I am Terri, a Certified Professional Groomer at The Canadian Canine College Groom Room. I am pleased to be part of the Canadian Canine College Team and ready to provide all your grooming needs for your furry friends. All breeds require regular grooming and I recommend a grooming schedule of every 6 to 8 weeks. Dogs on an 8 week or more schedule can enjoy a bath and tidy up service in between regular grooms. Toenails should be trimmed every 2 to 4 weeks and foot pads tidied to maintain a healthy and pain free foot, free from long hair that traps dirt, matts and increases the risk of slipping on your floors.

Grooming Packages

Full Groom

Tidy Package

De-shed Bath & Tidy

Bath, Nails & Ears

Puppy Bath & Trim

Nail Trims


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9am – 4pm

*All pricing is dependent on size, coat type, condition, and behaviour. Dematting and/or pre-clipping is additional. HST is additional.  *I will not shave a double coated dog except in extreme circumstances and only after consultation with you, the pet parent. We will make this decision together in the best interest of your dog.  *I do not currently groom cats.