Benefits of Doggie Daycare

If your dog seems to have endless energy, shows destructive behaviour when left alone, or is anxious or lonely, then dog daycare may be a great way to help. There are many benefits of dog daycare services, and you may be surprised just how much a weekly play-date can improve yours and your dog’s life.

From puppy to adulthood, consistent socialization is important to maintain your dog’s confidence around other dogs, people and places. Our daycare program is structured with both play and rest times and we personalize playgroups to match temperaments and play styles. Daycare can also help remove boredom and relieve separation anxiety when humans leave. Our loving human staff and doggie pals will keep your dog busy with lots of mental and physical stimulation throughout the day!

On average, dogs require 2, 30 minute aerobic, physical exercise sessions per day. Our daycare program provides this as a minimum amount of exercise for your dog each day. This helps to keep your dog calm and happy at home! Say goodbye to the guilt of leaving your dog at home all day by themselves or running home on a lunch break. You never have to worry about your dog when they are having a blast at daycare!

Monday to Saturday

Arrivals: 7:30 – 10 am

Departures: 3 – 6 pm


1 Day – 1 dog $26.99

1 Day – 2 dogs $35.49

10 Days – 1 dog $242.99

10 Days – 2 dogs $319.99

*listed prices do not include tax

What to expect from the Canadian Canine College camp experience

Your beloved family member will spend their days rotating between play and rest times. Dogs who are socially appropriate will enjoy the company of other well socialized dogs. Our canine playgroups are generally composed of 2-4 dogs, ensuring that each participant is enjoying themselves. Social time should serve to enhance social eloquence.

Please rest assured that none of our guests are put into situations where they are bullied. This is easily accomplished by maintaining excellent records of previous canine friends, and matching temperaments and play styles. All guests enjoy extensive interactions with staff.

If your dog prefers the company of humans to other dogs, they will get one-on-one play time with one of our staff members at a premium cost.

Assessment Day

We require an Assessment Day to be successfully completed before booking any daycare or boarding. The Assessment day is basically a regular daycare day but with you on standby so that we can call you to come early if your dog isn’t enjoying their time here. It is important to us that your dog feel safe and comfortable in our venue. We can accommodate assessment days Monday through Friday and they are $31.99+HST.