Does your dog seem to have endless energy, shows destructive behaviour when left alone or lonely all day? You may be surprised just how much a weekly play-date can improve yours and your dog’s life!

What to expect from the Membership Daycare Program

Our enrichment style, dog training-based daycare and boarding programs are designed to give your dog the very best day possible! Play time is customized for each individual dog and includes a combination of physical and mental stimulation including select small playgroups, leashed walks, ball throws, field runs, training activities, time with interactive toys and/or games/activities.

Each dog receives individual time with our staff during rest times where they receive snuggles, handling training or maintenance brushing (if needed). This will help to settle the kids after playtime and provides a unique opportunity to bond with our caregivers, helping them feel like they truly are at their “home away from home”.

The dog’s structured break from all the fun helps to prevent over-stimulation, which can very easily lead to stress. Each dog will come inside to their individual suite during their rest times. You may choose to bring a chew or favourite toy for them to have during this time. If your dog gets fed lunch, we will feed it during this time as well.

If your dog prefers the company of humans to other dogs, they will get one-on-one play time with one of our staff members at a premium cost.


Monday to Saturday

Arrivals: 7:30 – 10 am

Departures: 3 – 6 pm

Do you have a puppy between 8 to 14 weeks old? Check out our Puppy Daycare Program!

Membership Packages

Memberships are full of great benefits. Members benefit from priority (silver & gold) or guaranteed (platinum) booking. Your membership would also come with perks including discounts on other Canadian Canine College boarding, training and bath and nail trim services based on your membership level.

Any opportunity to give your dog structure in their life will help your dog live a less-stressful and fulfilled life.

Choose one of our three Plans that fits your needs the best! These levels are outlined here.

Silver – $110 / month

4 daycare days per month, 15% off additional daycare days, 15% off boarding per night, priority booking, 15% off training workshops and advanced level classes

Gold – $220 / month

8 daycare days per month, 20% off additional daycare days, 20% off boarding per night, priority booking, 25% off training workshops and advanced level classes, 1 nail trim per month, personal photo updates

Platinum – $400 / month 

Unlimited daycare days per month, 25% off boarding per night, guaranteed booking, 50% off training workshops and advanced level classes, 1 nail trim and 1 bath per month, personal photo updates, annual swag bag

Billing Automatically on the 1st of each month.  Memberships days are non-refundable. Minimum 3 month commitment.  Additional dogs in the same room would receive 50% off all listed prices.
Non Member Prices $34.99+HST per day

Currently, due to the abundant interest in our daycare and boarding programs, we are limiting assessment days to clients that are currently enrolled in or have graduated from our Puppy or Life Skills I classes in the last year.

Assessment Day

We require an Assessment Day to be successfully completed before booking any daycare or boarding. The Assessment day is basically a regular daycare day but with you on standby so that we can call you to come early if your dog isn’t enjoying their time here. It is important to us that your dog feel safe and comfortable in our venue. We can accommodate assessment days Monday through Friday and they are $39.99+HST.