Training Programs

Canadian Canine College was established in 1998 as Norfolk/Brant County’s premier positive pet dog training facility. We are committed to canine training that considers your pets emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Our training philosophies will serve to foster a positive relationship between you and your dog. The best training outcomes occur when your dog trusts you as a team leader and can rely on your consistency.

Our positive reinforcement training programs are designed to get results while you build relationship. Where trust and clear communication meet you can train any skill. Canadian Canine College is a where your pet would attend training classes if they could choose!

Obedience Classes

Puppy Class

For puppies 9 to 15 weeks old at the first class. This is where it all starts. Great trainers know that this is precious time for training and socializing! This is the optimum time frame for creating confident adult dogs. This program will start teaching basic manners as well as addressing behaviours like jumping and mouthing. More importantly, we will offer your puppy many unique experiences designed to build confident adult dogs. This is a 7 week program and each class runs for one hour each week.

Life Skills I

This program teaches dogs of all ages the basics in manners. Skills include: sit, down, come, handling, leave it, leash walking, place work and not jumping. This program is open to all dogs 16 weeks and older and is the pre-requisite for all of our advanced level classes and workshops. Students are given weekly homework and support to ensure successful training. This is a 7 week program and each class runs for one hour each week.

Life Skills II

This program builds on the skills set learned in Life Skills I. Stay is introduced, as well as working through distractions and off lead control. This program is the pre-requisite for Life Skills III. This is a 6 week course.

Life Skills III

This course is for the dog trainers who love learning together with their canine pal. This course will further your skill set under distraction with a focus on off lead control. This is a 6 week course.

Recall Class

This program works on building a reliable recall so that your dog learns to come every time you call, regardless of distractions present in the environment. For three weeks, the class goes on field trips to practice these skills safely in new venues.

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Sports Classes

Agility Class

Learn the exciting sport of Agility, fun for both dog and handler. This program begins by introducing you and your dog to each piece of Agility equipment, then learning how to run sequences with multiple pieces of equipment.

Sports Sampler

This program will give you the chance to try Agility, Flyball, Disc Dog, Tricks and Rally Obedience. This is fun and fast paced course that will support the building of a great working relationship between you and your dog.

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Private Consultations

Private consultations can be arranged for dogs who require special attention to blossom into the dogs they could be. Private lessons are offered on site at our training facility in Vanessa or can be arranged in your own home. An additional mileage fee does apply if outside of the Vanessa area. Private lessons are available weekdays during the day only at this time. $149.99 + hst per hour.

During the consultation the instructor will gather history and ask you specific questions about the behaviour(s) you are interested in improving.  At that time, you and the instructor will construct a management and training plan for your dog moving forward.  That plan will give you approximately 1 months worth of training homework to implement.  Follow up consultations can be booked on an as needed basis, should they be required at all. For the vast majority of our clients, one private consultation is all that is required to achieve your top training and behaviour goals.

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