Training Programs

Canadian Canine College was established in 1998 as Norfolk/Brant County’s premier positive pet dog training facility. We are committed to canine training that considers your pets emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Our training philosophies will serve to foster a positive relationship between you and your dog. The best training outcomes occur when your dog trusts you as a team leader and can rely on your consistency.

Our positive reinforcement training programs are designed to get results while you build relationship. Where trust and clear communication meet you can train any skill. Canadian Canine College is a where your pet would attend training classes if they could choose!

Explore our diverse range of training classes tailored to suit every need and skill level. From Puppy Socialization Classes to basic and advanced obedience training through our Life Skills Program, and even Dog Sports Programming geared to promote confidence and connection with your dog, we offer something for every pet parent.

Obedience Classes

Puppy Class

For puppies 9 to 15 weeks old at the first class. This is where it all starts. Great trainers know that this is precious time for training and socializing! This is the optimum time frame for creating confident adult dogs. This program will start teaching basic manners as well as addressing behaviours like jumping and mouthing. More importantly, we will offer your puppy many unique experiences designed to build confident adult dogs. This is a seven (7) week program and each class runs for one hour each week.

Life Skills I

This program teaches dogs of all ages the basics in manners. Skills include: sit, down, come, handling, leave it, leash walking, place work and not jumping. This program is open to all dogs 16 weeks and older and is the pre-requisite for all of our advanced level classes and workshops. Students are given weekly homework and support to ensure successful training. This is a seven (7) week program and each class runs for one hour each week.

Life Skills Accelerator

Accelerator is designed to take the skills and concepts you learned in Life Skills I and polish them to sparkling shine! This program will move your dog’s LSI skill set from understanding to mastery. This is a four (4) week program weekly classes that are 45 minutes in duration.

Life Skills II

This program builds on the skills set learned in Life Skills I. Stay is introduced, as well as working through distractions and off lead control. This program is the pre-requisite for Life Skills III and all agility classes. This is a six (6) week course.

Life Skills III

This course is for the dog trainers who love learning together with their canine pal. This course will further your skill set under distraction with a focus on off lead control. This is a six (6) week course.

Recall Class

This program works on building a reliable recall so that your dog learns to come every time you call, regardless of distractions present in the environment. For three weeks, the class goes on field trips to practice these skills safely in new venues.


CCC is delighted to present SUP Pup, our exciting Stand Up Paddle Board class that is tailored for you and your beloved dog! This unique class is designed to help dogs become comfortable on a paddle board while promoting fitness and safety for both you and your furry friend. Led by our sport instructor Bronwyn, who is a former provincial SUP competitor! You and your dog will learn the skills needed to enjoy a fun and safe paddle boarding experience together.

We will provide the paddle boards and canine life jackets to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

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Sports Classes

Sports Gateway 

Are you eager to venture into the world of dog sports alongside your four-legged friend but unsure where to begin? Look no further! The Sports Gateway program is your starting point, focusing on vital skills such as handler engagement, focus, body awareness, confidence, and the foundational aspects of specific sports. Dive into Agility, Dog Disc, and Nosework, with each 90-minute class over the two-week program setting you up for success. 

Intro to Nosework

If you seek an engaging, equipment-light activity for your canine companion that can be practiced at home, Nosework is the answer. With approximately 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, dogs excel in this scent-based activity. The Intro to Nosework class guides you through conditioning your dog to scent and introduces basic searches. Gain the skills to set up mental and physical exercises at home, enhancing your dog’s well-being. Life Skills I is the prerequisite for this course.

Intro to Agility Equipment

Agility, a sport emphasizing dog-handler teamwork, is all about fun, safety, and success! This class will introduce you and your dog to the agility equipment, working to build confidence on all of the obstacles. Proper jump technique and body awareness for safety will also be emphasized. Sports Gateway is the prerequisite for this course.

Agility Contact skills 

Ready to elevate your dog’s agility skills? This program focuses on building confidence and mastering proper techniques on the Dog Walk, A-Frame, Teeter, and weave poles. Small jump and tunnel sequences will be introduced to work up to course running. Please note that this course may be completed several times to ensure mastery of equipment! Intro to Agility Equipment is the prerequisite for this course.

Intro to Agility Handling 

Is your dog prepared for course running? This program introduces basic handling mechanics to enhance your agility course efficiency. For humans, front crosses, rear crosses, and binds are covered, while dogs learn wraps and backsides. Mastery of weave poles and the Teeter continues to be a focus. Intro to Agility Equipment is the prerequisite for this course.

Intro to Disc

Are you ready to soar into the thrilling world of Dog Disc sports with your canine companion? Intro to Disc will focus on key skills such as throwing techniques and canine catching. Disc games will also be introduced, preparing you to participate in trials if you wish. Sports Gateway or Life Skills II is the prerequisite for this course.


Agility Club

Join us on the second Monday of each month (June-September)  for agility fun. Courses will be broken down into sequences and work up to running the full course at the end of each session. Handling techniques will be discussed for efficient course running, however, no formal instruction will be given. With the ultimate goal to have fun with your dog! Safe course running will be enforced. 

Disc Club

Join us on the third Monday of each month (June-September)  for disc practice. Strengthen the bond with your canine companion through games that emphasize teamwork, coordination, and shared achievements. Two disc games will be selected to practice per night. Guidance will be given to ensure success, but there will be no formal instruction other than explaining the rules of the chosen games. Club nights are open to anyone who has completed LSI and has an interest in retrieving discs.  

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Private Consultations

Private Consultations

Private consultations can be arranged for dogs who require special attention to blossom into the dogs they could be. Privates are offered via phone, video, on site at our training facility, or can be arranged in your own home. An additional mileage fee does apply if outside of the Vanessa area. Private lessons are available weekdays during the day only at this time.

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