NOTICE: We have very limited availability for overnight boarding stays because our membership daycare program is currently at full capacity. We are essentially fully booked Monday – Friday on a recurring basis.

Because of this limited availability, our boarding services are now only available to dogs that are a part of our daycare membership program. This program requires the dogs to be attending daycare at minimum one day per week. With this setup we find that the dog’s are much more comfortable and relaxed when staying overnight with us and they have strong relationships built with our staff and the other dogs. 

We understand that this can be disappointing but we thank you for your understanding.

What to expect from the Canadian Canine College boarding experience

Our enrichment style, dog training-based daycare and boarding programs are designed to give your dog the very best day possible! Play time is customized for each individual dog and includes a combination of physical and mental stimulation including select small playgroups, leashed walks, ball throws, field runs, training activities, time with interactive toys and/or games/activities.

Each dog receives individual time with our staff during rest times where they receive snuggles, handling training or maintenance brushing (if needed). This will help to settle the kids after playtime and provides a unique opportunity to bond with our caregivers, helping them feel like they truly are at their “home away from home”.

During rest times and overnight your dog will retire to one of our luxury, no expense spared kennel rooms. Kongs and other slow food delivery toys can be used to feed meals throughout the day to enhance their mental exercise. Check out our Facilities page for more information about our infrastructure.


Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals 7:30 – 10am

Monday-Saturday (no Sunday morning arrivals or departures.)

Departures 3 – 6pm


Overnight Boarding

1 dog – $54.99

2 dogs – $82.49

Overnight Boarding Statutory Holiday

1 dog – $59.99

2 dogs – $89.99

*listed prices do not include tax

* The cost is the same regardless of arrival in the morning or afternoon. We strongly encourage guests to arrive in the morning so that they have the day to play and be content for bedtime.

* Guests who depart during the afternoon time slot will be subject to the daycare fee.


We firmly believe that our boarding program meets the exercise, rest and affection needs of dogs.  However, we do recognize that from time to time families would like to provide their dogs with some “extras” during their stay. Training Time, Trail Walks, Nail Clipping, Brushing, Tidy Up Baths are all available to add to your dog’s stay for an additional cost. 

What to Bring in your Overnight Bag

Food and feeding directions

Medications with full pharmaceutical name and doses

Any indestructible chew toys

Bedding for mature dogs.

(Please be aware if your dog begins to damage their bedding it will be removed for their own safety!) Our facility has in floor heating!

Assessment Day

We require an Assessment Day to be successfully completed before booking any daycare or boarding. The Assessment day is basically a regular daycare day but with you on standby so that we can call you to come early if your dog isn’t enjoying their time here. It is important to us that your dog feel safe and comfortable in our venue. We can accommodate assessment days Monday through Friday and they are $39.99+HST.